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Advanced Binary Options Indicator – Binary Options Indicators 2016

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Binary options strategy we have been trading on the 5 minute time frame and once we see a pullback and we have our 13 ichi arrows in the same direction as our EMAs then we go down to a 1 minute time frame and look for our entry point to enter a trade in the direction of the trend for 10 minutes.

With the Advanced Binary Options Strategy that I want to show you, we are still entering a trade on the pullback and in the direction of the trend, but we are now using some other indicators to tell us when to enter and we are also using a different time frame and we are also trading breakouts.

I have tried to make this as easy as possible for you, but once again, the key to success with any trading is Money Management and a whole lot of Patience.

So with the new indicators your charts should look like this now.

Binary options advanced charts
Binary Option Advanced Charts Click to enlarge

Don’t Panic, it is not as confusing as it may appear at first glance, all will be explained, but it is going to help you make more informed trades, that means less losing trades and more winning trades and increasing your bottom line.

It is very important to note that we will be doing all our trading off of the M15 Time Frame. That is the 15 Minute Time-frame.

Binary Options M15 time frame
Binary Options 15 minute time frame click to enlarge

Once you are comfortable with the strategy that I show you on the 15 Minute Time Frame, then you can adapt it to other time frames in your own time, like the 5 Minute Time Frame, etc.

Here is a list of all the Indicators you should have after you have downloaded them and the templates from inside the trading forums.

binary options advanced indicator list
Binary Options Advanced Indicators click to enlarge

There is also an expert adviser, which is your eTrailing Auto Stop for any traditional Spot Forex Trading. We will go into this more on the forums.
I will show you how to change your Trailing Stop and your Trailing Step in the trading rooms.

Binary options etrailing
Click to enlarge

So, once you have downloaded your indicators and set up your template and your charts are looking like this:

Binary Options Advanced Charts
Click to enlarge

You will be familiar with a few of the basics from the basic 10 minute chart set up.

They are:
P4L Clock.
Ichi Monitor
Zig Zag
Moving Averages: 9- 24- 62- 77 – 200
CHT Daily Fibos

The following are new indicators for you and will hopefully take your trading to another level. I will explain them in a video, but here is what is new for you and what it does.

10 Mins Pullback Alert Indicator
This is an indicator that will give you an alert when an asset is trending, that is to say, that it is trending with all EMAs above or below the 200 EMA and a pullback has started and your Ichi Monitor is showing 13 arrows. So long as you have this one, you don’t have to be watching your charts all the time, waiting for a pullback. You can watch some Youtube or FaceBook or whatever and when you get an alert that something is trending and a pullback is happening, then you can quickly flick over to your charts.

Ichi Moku Grid
What I have done with this is modified the IchiMoku so that you don’t have to go through a big learning curve trying to get to grips with Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Trading, but can just use some key elements, so that you can see if it is safe to take your trade on the pullback and also when a breakout trade is happening. This alone will remove most of those trades that you thought were pullbacks, but were in fact reversals


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