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Hello, I hope everyone had a good New Year’s and a great holiday season. Excuse my voice as I’m just coming off of the flu. I hope everyone just had a great end of the year and is looking forward to a great New Year trading binary options.

My balance is $982.24. Compared to the previous video, I did have bonuses coming in from MarketsWorld (another reason why I love MarketsWorld is their bonuses. I think for every $1,250 you trade, there’s a bonus.)

Let’s check in with my binary options brokers.

Legendary Traders: Performance this week is at 94% with 25 trades in the money

Hot Commodity – He’s not doing much at all. I’m not sure if it’s because he charges so much.

FX – He’s at 55%, which is not so good.

I like to check in with these binary options brokers because you have new people coming in and people adjust their systems to fine tune so that they could end up doing really well.

ACE Signals – 67%, 151 trades

Legendary Traders looks like it’s the best right now. When you’re trading binary options, you want the best person on your side that you can count on.

I’m making money – 94% with Legendary Traders, which is great because it’s the start to the beginning of the year.

I do have some surprises coming out.

Here’s a sample of the next system. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but I’m really excited.

These are some trades that I did – if you’ve watched my videos, you know that I have a regular job so any systems I use are based on not having to be in front of the computer all the time to make money. It seems to be going pretty well. You can see all my wins and a few losses. The system seems to be doing very well.

So far so good. I’m staying positive.

As always, please leave comments and subscribe. If you feel that they are helpful, use my links below (it does give me credit).

I also want to ask another big favor – if you could. If anyone is using my videos for MarketsWorld and SIgnalPush, I’m getting a website built to make it easier to watch the videos for a better experience. I’d like to see if I can get 4-5 people following my instructions and making money to make a video testimonial with a photo that I could use on the website. It builds credibility and people know it works.

I really appreciate it.

I’ll keep moving forward. I have other programs I’d like to test out.

Have a great rest of the week. I’ll have another video on Sunday to resume the regular routine.

The website should be ready by the end of January (fingers crossed). Hope to see you there.

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