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Binary Options – 5 minutes Strategy Review ( HOW I GET $15259 In First Month! )

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This video is about an effective and profitable Nadex strategy.

This Nadex Binary options strategy has a 90% win rate that gives back anywhere from 5%- 20% return in less then an hour. Yes it can be risky when you are not following the rules.

This strategy for Nadex will work for Stocks, Indices, commodities and currency pairs.

This strategy is simple and its really us going back to the basics with trading with the trend.

I suggest using the 1 hour chart to spot the trend, then move down to the 1 min chart for choosing your positions, you want to start off with a look at the trend to see what the underlying market conditions is.

A market trending strongly in one direction is a better suited to a trend following strategy.

Use the 1 hour and 1 min charts to draw your trend lines and fibonacci levels which indicate the Support and Resistance levels.

Get a good sense of the price action and see how its behaving around your Support and Resistance areas.

These lines will tell you the strike prices which you are looking for.

About 40-30mins before expiry, look at your charts and then look at the strike rates on Nadex. You want to buy strikes at or below the lower support and to sell those above upper resistance. By doing so you are buying and selling contracts which are already In the money.

You can take multiple positions, so lets say there is a strong resistance at 69. you can sell at .71 .73 .75 works vice verse as well depending on the direction of the trend.

Sometimes you may need to close a position earlier if you need to or if you see a nice take profit, wont be much for this strategy depending on how many contracts you do purchase but usually $1.00 to $5.00.

All you have to do is hold your positions until expiry and get a return of 10%-15%.

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