1 Minute Strategy

BULLSEYE ARROW Strategy for Binary Options Successful ITM!!!

Holiday Special $99. Bullseye Arrow Strategy for Binary Options. Arrows do not repaint, blink or backpaint. Special $99 (regular $249). with limited copies. Please read FAQs about this indicator below. You may contact me at traderlegacy.co@gmail.com for any other questions and information on how to obtain this strategy & indicator.

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Questions About the Bullseye Strategy

1.) What is the expiry of a trade?
5M Chart 5 minute expiry, 15M Chart 15 minute expiry, vice versa for 30M & 1HR

2.) What is the win rate?
Win rate is 80%

3.) What brokers can I use this strategy with?
Any broker of your choice that has 5 minute & 15 minute expiry

4.) Do arrows always appear on time?
Arrows appear at the start of the candle 95% of time. The other 5% is dependent on market conditions, such as the market being sluggish, news, & algorithms, etc. It is important to pay attention to the time the signal came in. For 5 minute, take all trades with signals appearing within :00-:20 seconds. for 15 minute trades, take all trades for signals appearing within :00-180 seconds (3 min).

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***Indicator is custom made & licensed. Item is as described. Unless otherwise, no refunds.***

Disclaimer: Trading Binary Options or Foreign Exchange involves risk that may not be suitable for all investors. Loss may occur with some or all investment. It is important to educate yourself about trading binary options and/ or foreign exchange. All information provided is for informational purposes only and not financial advice. Trades presented & results presented is no guarantee of future results.

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