30 Seconds Strategy

how I trade binary options 60 seconds strategy 100 percent profit guaranteed

how I trade binary options 60 seconds strategy with complete 100% profit guaranteed. Please watch this video to the end.
Since this is just a short video to show you live account winning trades and proof that my
Trading indicators work and my trading indicators 60 seconds binary option have high accuracy ranging from 75% in the money up to 95 to 100 % winning trades. I am sorry to say I will not show you the whole process of my trading indicators in action
Because I have a setup of different computers in my front and I am only able to record one screen at a time to avoid lagging on the screen
But the good news if you would like to get my trading indicators please like my video first and then send me an email and I will tell you how to get the indicators and the rest of the strategy

I am going to make live trading session and make an IQ option binary withdrawal after 10 trades
And I will start with very big trade sizes however I do not recommend you to place big trades on a $500/ euro account instead place $5/trade. Me I can afford to lose this money and besides this is from my profit after trading. If you watched my previously uploaded video I started trading with initial deposit of 300 euros and I made 618 euros on the video and I kept on trading until I made it 850 euros and I made a withdrawal of 350 euro to get back my initial deposit and then

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