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How to back test a manually traded strategy using TradingView

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Trading is hard. It takes a lot of practice. One way to practice and build skill and confidence is to back test a system over and over again. In this video I show you how I do this using online charts from Tradingview. You could also use MT4. This is a nice online alternative to charting with Metatrader.
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  1. I developed my own trading simulator for the MT4 platform. Using my inexpensive EA to manually backtest your strategy will rapidly improve your confidence and results.

  2. How can i see my previous trading details ?trading history or orders disapear when i log off or i close the windows. HELP !

  3. When I run a back test and get all the results, it gives you hundreds of possible results from various setting options for an ea. Is it accurate that if I could set up that many charts for an ea, it would have made that amount of profits for each setting?

  4. Hi David. Great video. I just signed up for TradingView and am back testing EURUSD right now. I'm starting my test as of Jan 1, 2001. I've spotted a trade and want to place a limit order. In your video you show how to place a trade using the icon on the left of the screen. Is there a way to select a pending order dialogue box (like in ForexTester) and enter trade info manually? I've selected PaperTrading Trading View as my broker and "deposited" $5000 in virtual account. Thanks for your help.

  5. Great video thank you Dave for putting that up. I'm currently practicing my trend continuation strategy right now using Tradingview!

  6. Hi Dave, what if an attempt to Go To charts from some dates in the past is received with the "Last available bar" response ?
    Is there another way around it ?

  7. Hi Dave,

    I also use trading view and found your explanation very helpful and insightful. I really appreciate that.

    Dave, have you found a way to do this with multiple timeframes? Thank you.

  8. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the video. Are you aware of an option in trading view to run historical data(eg. last week's candles) at a faster rate (1 sec for 1hr candle) for some analysis ? thanks in advance.

  9. In TradingView, Is it possible to switch timeframes while backtesting. i.e., I'm tesing in H1 time frame and we need to move to H4 for the same period before moving forward.

  10. Thank you so much Dave, I was just looking how to back test, because I have been using TV on my Mac
    and didn't want to hassle around with the MT4 and Windows emulations, and also because
    I find TradingView quite more user friendly and accessible.

    Thanks for the tip 🙂

  11. Thanks for the question Dave. I joined their beta program. Backtesting involves algo trading in their custom programming language pine. There is not yet the possibility to test manually. Testing algos I do in python or libreoffice. I intend to make tutorials on that.

  12. Hi Dave, great vid. Tradingview just introduced a backtest utility on their platform. Are you going to do a tutorial for that?

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