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Are binary options a good idea? If you’re thinking about trading binary options, watch this video first. Let’s go through the truth about binary options. Is trading binary options gambling? Are binary options a scam? Watch this video and find out.


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  1. There are few apps in the mobile platforms where we can do binary options trading. For example iq options. So is it safe to trade through these apps. I have been successfull in earning $4000 in just 10 minutes. But thats in demo account. I wonder if the app is going to behave the same way when i trade with real money. Any word of advice on this??

  2. Of all the trading videos out there, you are on my top 1% of YouTubers I trust to be reliable information.

    Thank you.

  3. 6:58 10 to 8K in a day??? You multiplied your tiny investment by 80!!! Logic would tell you to keep risking 10 pounds after those winnings. You would have to make zero money 79 times in a row to brake even.

  4. Option Stars Global has promised me the world. A girl by the name of Sasha Palmer was my account manager and broker. She convinced me that this is a NO Risk Trading. I signed an agreement and did all the processes to verify my account with them. After a while Sasha began avoiding my calls she suddenly made excuses that she is handling more bigger accounts and referred me to another account manager. This MIcheal character called me and he also told me to continue Trading. During their advice they had lost $4000 Canadian in just one hour. I initially had deposited $10,000 Canadian with Sasha before she vanished. I requested my money back and they never responded to my requests. They love using Skype to get you all excited. The Binary Trading page is just a fraud. They make you see the amazing screens and encourage you to continue Trading when all your doing is playing a lousy imaginary video game that looks real. But on the back end they took your deposit. I then contacted an attorney that chases after these sorts of fraudulent companies. They mentioned to me that Option Stars Global runs out of Isreal. Its a bunch of Jews that run the operation all in the name of getting your money. Nothing else. There is no Trading no nothing here folks. These jews even had people continue depositing because they wouldnt return investors investments without investing more. I am told some investors even committed suicide. Some lost their homes and some had to declare bankruptcy. Option Stars Global is a huge scam run by ONE individual that has many other "brokers" working for him. And they obtain a commission for all the investors they can find by this one guy. When you deposit your cash for Trading it goes directly into this jews personal account. Nothing else. Nothing about Trading. I lost my 10k its gone now. But Karma in the end gets those that swindled others one way or another. Good luck to all those dealing with these people. Life is precious.

  5. Thank for that information…
    I want to ask something though…I saw this website and they have this Automated system which trade for you, what do you think of that, I mean there is Lady called and say i should go in…I tried their demo, and it kinda works…So I need advice…should I go in or not…

  6. Please explain me, if we are investing 100 bucks in binary option. So if we are correct, we receive 75 or 81 bucks right. How is it profitable, coz ultimately we are losing that 25 bucks or 19 bucks. I did not get this point.

  7. Good video. I cant withdraw from BinbotPro viaBinary Options which is unregulated. I put 1000 usd in there and they will not contact me or refund my money. Dont make my mistake. The number on Bin Bot pro doesnt ring.

  8. You are talking about those shiny European websites. If you use NADEX you can actually use strategy. You can get out of the contract early, you can buy/sell in the money or out of the money contracts. If you buy an out of the money contract you might risk 100 but will get a max of say 600, so that means you can lose 5 times and win once and break even. Doing the "iron butterfly" on NADEX is possible, if you want to trade in the money for example.

  9. This is nonsense. Blabbering endlessly about nothing. If you understand technical analysis and how to use RSI, bollinger bands, moving averages, and understand support, resistance, price patterns, breakdowns and breakouts, it's no different from trading. The advantage is you specify how much you win or lose. When trading stocks, you have to worry about liquidity, and completing against insidious institutions who can see your orders, and execute theirs prior. There is no guarantee you will ever get out of a trade. So there is nothing more insidious that the stock market. Binary options are safer, because it's completely disconnected. Your orders have no impact on price or volume. It's basically a side bet, and far safer, assuming you're dealing with honest people.

  10. You are 99% correct except for 1 and that is NADEX.  They are an exchange not a broker.  That means you are trading against other traders and independent market makers not the house.  They are regulated in the US, the strongest regulations in the world.  You can deposit or withdraw money in 1 day w/ a debit card of 3 days by wire transfer (I have done both).  Weather you make or lose money depends solely on your trading skills.  I have been trading there for 3 years and yes I have losing days and occasionally a losing week but in the long run I always make money.  They charge a very low commission $1.00 each way not the 80% rip off.

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