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Top 5 Coins to Moon in 2018!

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  1. I really believe 2018 is the year for altcoin rather than btc.. all altcoins are on a run.. pretty dope !!

  2. "Love the UPDATES! All in One Place We Need This.. us working Stiffs with little time good thing Crypto never Sleeps!

  3. I think its not just easy to upload daily videos and make them good quality in the same time, I appreciate that.

  4. Thanks for very Important Video, I'm curious, do you think how much is the value of Davorcoin so I can sell it in the future?
    LPoMebLdofMfJkMiRNyZ36PSpMCLbjB2zo @LTC

  5. Hello, Why Ripple is not in your Top 5 List?
    as Ripple is Centralized and Non Mineable, Is it prone to malware attack? I read on GitHub agreements regarding this issue where they were working on some centralized platform for ripple. Can we have a little technical Video on these Topics? I know I am asking a lot 😛 BTW I am looking forward for TRON, Please make a separate Video on that with full details. Please 


  6. The market is crazy right now… this means that in a few weeks there's gonna be a crash like in the 22nd Dec?
    14FFEnKuVyyEycjfRupXsKnKrckXduTJEU |

  7. Do you think the crypto market will rotate some money away from the stock market, causing the stock market to dip in 2018?

  8. Great info! keep up the good work man!
    Thanks for sharing !
    BTC : 1Xrx8KGeDAgXvakskGRy21ybjkS38JzBG
    LTC : Lagc68J2RMPMaE4quent3Z3ab5N6WDsY62
    ETH : 0xa01656E4b9a0aB1F4c8447D6Cc9dE557fd6463c1
    openledger id = j195119471984me

  9. Ripple's pump is banking industry at it's core and will likely dump hard the minute Bitcoin breaks out. DON'T BUY RIPPLE NOW! Let it slide and in a couple of months it will be a sitting duck.

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