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You Lose Trading? No Problem super combination – Binary Option

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In this video I am going to explain my strategy, which I use often and it is really profitable.
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I recommend you to test on a demo account. If you do not have it, you can find a registration link below the video and you will get 10 000 coins on a demo. In the description you will see the link of a site. Go through it and you will catch three reliable brokers.

We have to set the following indicators: RSI on standard period, 1minute candles, and 30 minutes timeframe.

I will try to catch a good moment to start trading on 5 different pairs together, to show you how it works.
I bet 50$ for each trade, because I have only 250$ on my account.
Do not forget to choose 1 minute timeframe, but trade on 5 minutes.
If RSI middle line crosses down the red line, we have to bet CALL. If it crosses the green line, we have to bet PUT.
The method is really simple and if you do everything exactly, you will often win.
One of the main factor is to set times on 30 minutes below and trade on 5 minutes and you will win exactly.
If you like this method, firstly you can test it on a demo account. If you do not have it, the link is below the video. I have linked a site with reliable brokers. On that site you can find top American, European and Asian brokers. So, you can have a look.
As you see, on EUR/USD we would win for several times if we bet.
RSI middle line never stays for a long up to the green or below the red line. It means that method is the best.
You can use some more indicators with this method in order to be surer. For example: ADX, Fractal or Stochastic Oscillator.
If you do not understand anything and need some help or have some questions, write in comments, please. Today I have traded for 5 times and I had 4 wins and 1 loose. So, it means that the method is great. Do not miss it. You lose nothing. Open a demo account even today.
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Thanks for watching. Have a good trade and good day.


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